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Research Presentation: Predicting Metamorphic Relations for Testing Scientific Software

Hello programmers! This week will be the last of the Research Presentation Series hosted by the CS Department. Please read below for an abstract of the following topic:   “Predicting Metamorphic Relations for Testing Scientific Software: A Machine Learning Approach Using Graph Kernels” Research Presentation by Upulee Kanelawa Comprehensive, automated software testing requires an oracle to check […]

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The Inspiration Consulting Summit (An opportunity awaits you!)

Hello CSS Members. Here is a great opportunity for you to consider! Hitachi Consulting, an international management and technology consulting firm, has put together an opportunity for our generation’s brightest students: The Inspiration Consulting Summit. The Inspiration Consulting Summit is a three day program focused on exercising problem solving skills, generating solutions from processes, counseling […]

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Introduction to Sockets: The Way We Connect

Hi Broncos! Thank you for those that attended our meeting this Thursday. Below is the source code for creating a simple chat client in Java. (Not sure if Steven still has his server running…Nonetheless email us or post on our facebook if you have any questions!) import; import; import; import; import […]

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