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ACM Competition Resources

Hello Computer Science Society! We have exciting news for all our Cal Poly students: the date of our local ACM Competition is approaching! The purpose of this local ACM competition is to determine which teams will be sent to the Southern California Regional Contest in Fall 2015. Date: Saturday, 5/23/2015 Time: 9:00 am (time subject to change) […]

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Open Officer Positions for 2015-2016 School Year

Hello CSS Members! The end of the school year is drawing nearer as we reach the midpoint of Spring Quarter 2015. As tradition for each new school year, the Computer Science Society will be holding elections for all positions on the executive board (eboard for short). Below you will find a description/roles for each position on the […]

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Upcoming Hackathons

So for those who do not know what a hackathon,, you can see there, but the gist of a hackathon is that you get to program for 24 or 36 hours straight to make whatever you want, literally anything you want to make you can, and you are giving tons of free stuff just for going. You […]

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